Killer Bitch – “Unexpectedly well-made… Resolutely trashy”

The Massachusetts-based Horrorview website – surprisingly well-informed on British culture for a US-based site – has a well-balanced review of the Killer Bitch DVD which starts:


Killer Bitch” is an unexpectedly well-made but ultra low-budget (and resolutely trashy) indie gangster flick that goes miles out of its way to offend as many people as it possibly can; but unless you happen to work for a British tabloid newspaper, it is very hard to take this video-shot flick’s ridiculously cartoonish portrayal of violent working class machismo all that seriously — despite it playing host to an insidious sexism that borders on outright misogyny at times, relying on knowing humour and a lively sense of the ridiculous in order to undercut its more unpleasant excesses.

The film is simply a deranged, hormonally pumped-up celebration of testosterone-soaked psychopathy that revels in the bloody glamour of working class criminal thuggery and yob culture in all its foul-mouthed and spittle-flecked glory. From unlicensed boxing to no-holds-barred cage fights; from club land brawling to drug-fuelled beatings and brutal gangland hits: “Killer Bitch” is literally ninety fast-paced minutes of feckless punch drunk sleaze, crammed to bursting point with little more than a succession of leery, muscle-bound ‘blokes’ waving their big guns at people and yelling outlandishly overblown threats into their faces (“I’m gonna rip yer fuckin’ teeth out and shove ’em up your fuckin’ arse! ) before pummelling seven shades of shit out of each other while various pouty, pneumatic bimbettes, culled from late-night phone-in porn channel Babestation, stand around with their fake norks out being either shouted at, shagged or shot, and sometimes all three — but not necessarily in that order!

If you’re a sullen, pimply fourteen year-old, who’s been driven half insane by inveterate sexual frustration and incessant nocturnal emissions, then this just might be the best film you’ve ever seen in your life!


The whole, lengthy review continues on:

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