Lewis Schaffer (never call him just Lewis) at some time or other

(This blog originally appeared in What’s On Stage)

Even I’m getting confused, but Lewis Schaffer is an American comic who has lived in Nunhead (Peckham) for ten years and, although he now knows what proper football is, he still can’t spell the English language properly let alone get the time of day correct.

Lewis Schaffer (never call him just Lewis) originally messed-up his Fringe Programme listing because he submitted his Free Until Famous With Lewis Schaffer show as starting at 17.30 when, in fact, it was 7.30 at the Counting House. He claimed he got confused by the Fringe listings being in British military time.

So he was actually performing his show at 7.30 at The Counting House, but he was listed as 5.30.

Then he got some good news and some bad news.

The good news was that a 5.30 slot became available at The Counting House, so he has been performing his show at 5.30 AND at 7.30 daily at the Counting House. The bad news was that the 5.30 slot was only available until last Saturday.

Then – more good news – another 5.30 slot became available immediately at the Blind Poet venue right next door to The Counting House… or so he thought… and he sent out a press release yesterday announcing it. But when he arrived yesterday for the first of these new 5.30 shows – more bad news – he found the room was crowded with punters watching a big screen football match. A big misunderstanding had occurred. The bar lady was not sympathetic. This is not uncommon with Lewis Schaffer (never call him just Lewis).

And an audience had turned up to see him, not the football. Not because they’d read the incorrect billing at the Blind Poet but because they’d read the incorrect billing in the Fringe Programme.

So – more good news – the man Scotsman critic Kate Copstick called “the superstar of free comics” took his audience round the corner to an empty square behind the Pleasance Dome venue and performed his show al fresco with his audience sitting on a wall. He was heckled by a passing skateboarder. Being heckled by a passing skateboarder in the middle of your stage show not common, even at the Fringe.

So, as far as listings go… from now on… at the moment… his one and only show is 1930-2030 daily at The Counting House although he told me last night that he may do more street performances when people turn up – as they will – at 1730.

Who knows what will happen next? I certainly don’t.

Knowing Lewis Schaffer (never call him just Lewis) even slightly is never dull. His life is much like his shows: he has a tendency to make a lot of it up as he goes along and he gets a tad distracted. Me? I am merely a bemused observer.

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