When I am a few hours away from death, give me tons of morphine

I met someone the other day who is trying to give up smoking.

His doctor has prescribed tablets to help him.

In some patients, according to the doctor, the tablets can have the side effect of making the person taking them feel suicidal.

So no problem with the Trade Descriptions Act there, then. Suicide would certainly stop you smoking.

Western medicine. Dontcha love it?

It reminds me of the quirky UK law which says that it is illegal for a doctor to administer drugs with the aim of killing a patient. But it is legal for a doctor to knowingly give a patient a lethal dose of a drug if the primary reason for administering the drug is to alleviate pain. So a doctor can legally give a drug to a patient knowing it will certainly kill him/her provided that death is only a side-effect and the primary aim is to stop pain and suffering.

I have no problem with that law because it allows euthanasia through a loophole and also, as I understand it, large numbers, if not the majority, of people who die “quietly” in hospital are speeded on their way by doctors. Having sat alone in a room with my father while he died over several hours without ‘help’, I think it is one of the often surprisingly sensible quirks in the British legal system.

“Death rattle” is a remarkably exact description of the sound of the certainty of oncoming death, although it doesn’t even hint at the effect when it continues for hours.

When I am a few hours away from death, give me tons of morphine or anything to shorten the process.

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