Give me The Daily Mail not the cultural snobbery of The Guardian and The Independent

I was at the Tate Britain art gallery this afternoon, which is obviously replacing the Groucho Club as the in-place to meet media types. On the steps outside, a BBC News crew was interviewing someone. Inside, a film crew was shooting footage for some Channel 4 arts programme. And, when my friend and I were looking at a Damien Hirst painting of spots, we got asked our opinions on modern art in general and Damien Hirst in particular by a reporter for the Mail on Sunday.

He told me that, usually, he had to apologise for being a Mail reporter which doesn’t surprise me as the very name Daily Mail is like a blue rag to a left wing bull.

And why?

Perverse, pseudo-intellectual liberal airheads with superiority complexes, that’s why.

It’s not reverse snobbery.

It’s simple, straight, uncomplicated and very nasty snobbery.

In January this year, the Daily Mail’s average net daily circulation was 2,136,568.

The Guardian’s circulation in the same period was 279,308.

The Independent’s was 185,035.

The Mail on Sunday’s average circulation? – 1,958,083.

The Observer? – 314,164.

The Independent on Sunday? – 152,561

So why deride the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday?

Because ordinary people read them. People who did not go to Oxbridge and do not live in Islington. The sort of ordinary people the Oxbridge Islington wankers look down on. The sort of ordinary people the Oxbridge Islington wankers make increasingly crass TV shows for. They wouldn’t be caught dead watching the TV programmes they make because they think they are better than that.

And the ratings are falling for these entertainment shows.

Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor are made by people who understand popular culture. Increasingly, though, TV entertainment shows are made by people who don’t; they are made by people with superiority complexes and a contempt for their audiences.

They are made by people who look down on Daily Mail readers as mental and cultural inferiors.

But who is out of step with reality? Who is out of step with what the majority of people in this country think?

From the circulation figures, people who write for and read the Guardian and the Independent.

(More on this topic HERE.)


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4 responses to “Give me The Daily Mail not the cultural snobbery of The Guardian and The Independent

  1. I read and have done for years, the Daily Mail. However, I used to send my views in on assorted subjects and on many occasion they were printed in various forms, from the Peterborough section to the Readers Letters pages but in recent times, despite sending stuff off, zero! – odd… To get my views across now, I have resorted to getting friends to send my stuff on under their name and address and oddly(?), it mostly gets printed!. But I think its me who has been ‘blacked’ as a reporter from the same said newspape got in touch a few months ago, we spent ages on the phone, rung back quite a few times on various points, great story she said, great web site blah, blah and yes, it all went dead when she submitted it to her editor! – even she said this was the ‘first time’ for her that such a thing had happened, more so without explaination, so I can only sumise I have ‘upset’ someone within, so I suppose its some sort of achivement but its interesting to note she got in touch due to a reader writing to them about my various inventions and so they came after me, I did not ‘chase’ the Daily Mail as I was quite happy doing my thing and still am and I feel sorry for the reader who must also wonder what could have happened..

  2. Trish

    Have to say I agree – the Mail is always a much more entertaining read than the Indie or the Grauniad – whether you lean towards its politics or not. I have long noticed that unless you get up early on a Sunday morning in ‘red’ Camden, The Mail on Sunday always sells out fast while other papers languish on the stands.It’s Middle England that dictates who wins elections – it’s Middle England who reads the Mail. Love it or hate it – but ignore it for snobbish reasons at your peril…

  3. Steve

    The Guardian has some interesting articles…..occassionally…….but the main reason I cant stand their website is that its an outlet for their readership (I can well imagine a Guardian reader inserting something sarcastic to this point – they do sarcasm to another level and somebody should remind them that its the lowest form of wit……like fuckwit). I cant stand the people who comment. It’s the arrogance and obnoxiousness and the general sense that they are high and mighty. Have the nerve to express an opinion on there, and be ready for the obnoxious sarcasm.

  4. Steve

    And yes I am aware that I just necro’d a five year old blog……I could well expect a Guardian reader to have something strongly sarcastic to say about that too, they seem to have an opinion on just about everything. Tiresome people.

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