People thinking along the wrong lines…

Last century, when I was at school, I heard tales of the interviews prospective students had to pass to get into various universities. One was for Philosophy at Reading University.

The prospective student went into the interview room to find a seated man looking at notes on a desk. Without looking up, the man said to you: “Sit down, please.”

There was no other chair in the room except the one on which the man sat,

If you said, “But there’s no chair,” you did not get into the university to read Philosophy… because you were not thinking clearly. The man had asked you to “sit down”, not to sit on a chair.

If you sat on the floor, the interview continued.

When I left school, I had an interview to read Philosophy at Bristol University. I got accepted, but decided instead to do Communication Studies (radio, TV, journalism, advertising) at what was then called The Polytechnic in Regent Street, London.

During my Philosophy interview at Bristol University, one verbal question I was asked on logic was…

1) There is snow on the tracks, therefore the train is late

2) The train is late, therefore there was snow on the tracks.

What is wrong with the logic?

I think I have met too many people since then who believe that, because a train is late, there was snow on the tracks.

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  1. Logic?..

    When I was in the cinema game – read as in projectionist – with my work mate and fellow handle twaddler Bernard, he related how he was ‘assessed’ for the RAF in some wonderful ‘hush-hush’ work as he was deemed ‘intelligent’ when he enrolled (God only knows why and he said that!) and the cracker to beat was this: He was asked, should he be on look-out duties, what action he would take if an enemy aircraft carrier was to land on the air strip he was in charge of and he replied “I would give orders to attack it with a submarine..” to wit the officer conducting the test enquired: “Oh yes! – you would, would you? – and just where would you get this submarine from?..” to which Bernard replied: “Same place as your aircraft carrier, Sir…”

    Please Note: for the less technical minded, an aircraft carrier is one of those big, sea going vessels, as in the Ark Royal type of thing and Rod Stewart warbling “I am Sailing, I am sailing..” as it glides into the distance, that we, currently, are selling off in some sort of bizarre car boot sale by those who are supposed to be running the country…

    If Bernard was alive now, I can only but wonder what he would think to all this going on and before you wonder any more, yes, he was ‘accepted’ into the RAF and did his ‘hush-hush’ type work to which he did let me in on and I am sworn not to divulge, so help me gawd…

    So there you go – ‘logic’ in action then!

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