The English jury system at work

A friend of mine was doing jury service recently.

After all the evidence was given and after the jury had been deliberating for a while, one of the jury members asked:

“Which one is the accused?”

When she was told which person was actually on trial, she asked:

“Wasn’t the other bloke accused?”

“No,” she was told by my friend, “he was the chief prosecution witness.”

“Oh,” the other jury member replied, “I thought they were both on trial.”

The accused man was found guilty. He probably was.

Who knows?

True story.


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3 responses to “The English jury system at work

  1. A friend of mine had a similar experience. One juror was convinced of the defendant’s guilt purely on the basis of him ‘wearing sunglasses indoors’.

    Maybe she had a point.

  2. I once did jury duty in Hereford and it was obvious that this guy was guilty – of possession of a small amount of resin hash – but it seemed odd that they hadn’t just cautioned him or dealt with him in magistrates court – also I thought the arresting police officer was right a wanker!

    So when we went to deliberate it came to me and there was 6 or so votes of ‘guilty’ – I decided just to be contrary and vote ‘not guilty’… There were more ‘guilty’ votes – and then the last fella obviously liked the idea of a game looked me in the eye, winked and also said ‘not guilty’.
    We spent the next 45 minutes or so turning everyone around. I was elected foreman and I announced the verdict in court with a suitable dramatic pause between “we find the accused” and “not guilty”
    Outside of court I happened to bump into the man in the badly fitting suit and he thanked me – to which I replied “Don;t thank me, I thought you were guilty as hell…”

    I like to think that I would have taken the whole business more seriously if there had been something like murder involved – but I doubt I would have done…

  3. I was told by a solictor that ‘Law is a game in all but name’ but it helps if you know your client is guilty from the start, but regardless you HAVE to defend that person, right or wrong’ as that is ‘justice’ as we know it and went on to point out that said legal eagle had ‘got a few off’ but knew they were as guilty as Hell anyway, as this is what lawyers do, how they operate and of course, make a living..

    As they say, you pays your money and takes your….

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