Has no-one at this Edinburgh Fringe got the Hardee balls for cunning stunts?

I have had BBC Scotland asking me about this.

Where are the worthy contenders for the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award?

All I’ve seen so far is Kunt and the Gang’s guerilla stickers – which are arguably promoting the wrong organ.

There must be something more stunning at the Edinburgh Fringe this year than just Kunt?

Malcolm was known for his balls. Has no-one got any now?

Did Malcolm Hardee write a review for The Scotsman under their own comedy critic’s name and drive a tractor, naked, through another performer’s show… for nothing?

Did Fringe performers’ penchant for getting vast publicity and column inches for outrageous publicity stunts die with him?

Oh lackaday.

Oh lackaday.

Oh dull latter days of the Fringe.

Have the cunning stunts of yesteryear dried up?

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One response to “Has no-one at this Edinburgh Fringe got the Hardee balls for cunning stunts?

  1. Anna Smith

    Re: The missing stunts
    We have been shipwrecked on Vancouver Island. No sign of the Dury type of Ian, or of Malcolm Hardee’s balls, however there have been multiple sightings of the complete genitalia of Ian Hinchliffe, in outline only. These images have mostly appeared on pieces of toast… The only thing the images have in common is that they have almost always shown up on toasts being made by highly attractive women. One or two men did see them, but this appeared to be by mistake, as the images that appeared to the men faded too quickly to be photographed. .In one instance Hinchliffe’s complete apparatus appeared to a seventeen year-old showgirl and her mother at the same instant, and it told the mother “Never mind, just put a bag o’er yer head and I’ll do you next, luv”..

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