What it is like after you win a major showbiz award?

Well, Johnny Sorrow, winner of this year’s Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality, tells me:

“Things were exciting for a while on my return to the West Midlands but now things have calmed down.

“Yesterday I went to Hull and back with the Bob Blackman Appreciation Society to perform with John Cooper Clarke at an arts festival which turned out to be on an outside stage with 98% music acts and the crowd miles from the stage.

“Just before we took to the stage, we were informed that a twelve-piece reggae band would be setting up behind us while we performed.

“I did not see any sign of Mr Clarke.

“Oh well, that’s the wonderful world of showbiz!

“Johnny Showaddywaddy Sorrow”


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5 responses to “What it is like after you win a major showbiz award?

  1. Do you remember Bob Blackman, John?

  2. Ooohhh… I certainly do. Once seen, never forgotten. I do wonder what he died of… it must have been like being a professional boxer over time…

  3. Saw John last night at Barbara Nice’s Jamboree at AE Harris. He was epic!

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