A practical demonstration of how not to be interviewed…

I think I am a good interviewer because I am interested in finding out how people think and interested in the editing of reality to make it seem real – if you transcribe what people actually say, it is full of unfinished half-sentences, digressions and inconsistencies.

But, equally, I make a very bad interviewee because I do not particularly care what impression I make. As this interview, recorded after the two-hour Malcolm Hardee Awards Show at the recent Edinburgh Fringe, demonstrates…

To paraphrase Malcolm, it is also best not to be interviewed on an empty head.


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3 responses to “A practical demonstration of how not to be interviewed…

  1. Brilliant… You should get your own 26 week series on Channel 4 any day now!

  2. I would say that you actually come across very well but I wont as I know that you were just fishing for compliments x

  3. Yeah John. You’re cool dude. Relax.
    In the next few weeks I am going to launch a new website called Billy WatsOn TV? were I will post the clips I filmed of the award ceremony including Bob’s Balls in all their hamburger like glory. I will keep you posted on that front. lol.

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