Why is knife crime such a problem if people can use knuckledusters instead?

Last week I was talking to someone who has been attacked more than once by people with knives and he swears by knuckledusters.

“If you’re stabbed by a knife, it just feels like a punch in the stomach,” he told me. “It doesn’t stop you.”

The last time he was attacked, there were three men.

“I saw it coming.” he told me, “so I was able to put the duster on in my pocket.

“When the first one came at me, I took a step to the side and hit him on the wrist. You could hear the bones crack and he went straight down. The second bloke I hit on the side of the head; he went straight down.

“I looked at the third bloke and said You gonna just fucking stand there or are you gonna fucking do something? I took a step towards him and he ran.

“You can get stabbed three or four times and still keep going. But if you get hit in the right place by a knuckleduster, you go straight down. I dunno why people carry knives.”

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