The familiar actor giving money to the homeless – and to a stand-up comedian

I am in the wilds of the Iveragh Peninsula in the south west of the Republic of Ireland all this week: not an area over-endowed with broadband availability.

But, yesterday, I received an email from London-based US comedian Lewis Schaffer in which he said:

I was in Soho and saw this drunkish, posh twat – an arty-type older man of around 60 – with fancy, hip black-framed glasses. He was giving a homeless dude money on Brewer Street. 

I had a flashback to New York, when people used to give money to the homeless and it caused them to proliferate, and I started screaming at him that he should give me money, instead, as I was six months behind in my mortgage payments (not exactly true, but close to it) and that I needed the money more than that other bum. 

So he offered me money (which I refused with a smile cause I didn’t expect that).

He told me he was going to New York the next day and I suggested he come into my show, which was about to start, and watch. I told him he could sit in the back. He said he was pressed for time but came in. 

He left halfway through and put a £20 note in my jar. 

Yesterday, I saw the dude’s picture in the Financial Times Magazine. Bill Nighy was his name. I thought I recognized him, but I thought he was just a generic London luvvy actor. 

I didn’t know who he was and I still don’t. I’m gonna Wikipedia him now. But he struck me as a decent guy because he was willing to give me money.

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