Even when not writing about comedy there can be a gag on a daily blog

Gag gag

Last night, a comedian and his partner came up to my home in Borehamwood to have a meal with me and my eternally-un-named friend.

During the five hours he was was up here, the comedian must have told me at least – at the very least – five extremely bloggable stories (and several totally unprintable ones).

Stories like those are always best with direct quotes from the person and I always record them so the quotes are accurate. But I felt I could not say: “Oy! This sounds like it might be an interesting anecdote. Do you mind if I switch my iPhone on? Just hold it and tell the story into it.”

That would have (unjustly) made it seem that the only reason he was up having a meal with me was so I could extract some good blog material from him.

The balance between blog and relationships is not a difficult one.

The blog always has to lose out.

A pity in a way.

But not really.

Now, as for that story about Rupert Murdoch, the Bishop of Southwark and the badger with diarrhoea…

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