The DVD which puts the art into Mr Methane’s fart (& Piers Morgan’s face)

Mr Methane does a sound check with Yuri before the filming

A film about cakes and farting which surprisingly seems to have slipped under the radar of world critics is a 12-minute movie of variable title directed by Swiss film maker Yuri A.

According to one official description of the film, it was titled simply “S” in 2007:


S is like life: short and shitty. No market research, no demographic segmentation, nothing but imagination and attitude. 100% analogue. A bad film, but good enough for you. Cakes evoke in general only good feelings, while farts, some of the most commonest substances around, shock, repel and offend. But the consequence of a culinary dish is always a fart. It can not be repressed.


I first became aware of the film in 2004, when my chum Mr Methane, the world’s only professional flatulist, flew to Zürich to make an appearance in a project with the working title Cakes & Farts. Afterwards, he issued some publicity:


Mr Methane Arsesists With Cakes & Farts Film Project.

Mr Methane has recently been working with award-winning Brazilian born film maker Yuri A on her latest project “Cakes And Farts” a 10 minute short film about eating cakes and farting. As well as Mr Methane, the film also stars Flin an 8 year old child and Maria the Butt Dancer.

Mr.Methane says: “I enjoyed taking part in the film very much, Not only did I get to grunt a few out, I also got to eat a selection of nice tasting cakes as well. But it was all in the name of Art and Public Education.”


Then, last November, there was more news from Mr Methane:

“For many years,” he said, “I lost the scent in terms of what was happening with this project. In fact once a few years ago, while doing a Google search to see if it had ever been  released, I came upon a YouTube-type video of a lady plonking her G-stringed backside into a chocolate cake before removing herself from the same and farting at the camera with a proximity that was too close for comfort.

“This, for some strange reason, reminded me of Piers Morgan blowing raspberries with his face covered in melted chocolate. I was scared and gave up hope of ever seeing the film in its finished form, so it was nice to hear from Yuri A a few weeks back with news that the film is now available on DVD under the title of Fart Adventures.

“If anyone is looking for another Mr Methane Lets Rip comedy DVD, then this isn’t it. This is a high-end art film about a bottom-end subject. It is produced on 16mm film and seemingly shot in the high-key, high-contrast, super-saturated hues of children’s’ advertising.”

At the time, Mr Methane pointed out that Fart Adventures was retailing for 59 Swiss Francs – around £40 per copy – excluding postage and packing.

“Maybe,” he told me, “they are hoping that the bottom has not fallen out of the fart movie market. I’m not exactly sure who is going to buy such a high art production on DVD at a time when DVDs themselves are not selling and when they do a Lord of the Rings  Trilogy (Theatrical Edition Box Set) for £7.99 – £10.99 on Amazon.”

The DVD: surprisingly not yet a bestseller

The Fart Adventures DVD, with the subtitle Rectum Spectrum, is currently available for 39 Euros (£31.44p at the time of posting) and includes not just Cakes + Farts (12 mins) but also Farts (4 mins), Definitions of Art (5 mins), Shit (6 mins) and UNKO (8 mins) with this explanation:

“The title of ‘Unk’ (or “UNKO”), an invented monosyllabic word intended to function through its acoustic qualities and associations, strongly recalls both Dada poems and babes’ speech.”

 So there you have it: the DVD which puts the art into Mr Methane’s fart.

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