Death threats to Edinburgh performer and attack on New York promoter

(A version of this was also published by the Indian news site We Speak News and in the UK edition of the Huffington Post)

Calvin Wynter – object of racist threats

I am allegedly a UK consultant for the Inbrook entertainment company in New York. This means that Inbrook boss Calvin Wynter occasionally phones me up at odd hours from New York. Well, odd hours for him. I think he may never sleep.

Yesterday morning, he phoned me up to talk about two shows which Inbrook is promoting at the Edinburgh Fringe next month. One is an Israeli show; one includes in its title a reference to the Hamas organisation.

Repertory Theatre: the now controversial Israeli show

Repertory Theatre is being produced by The Elephant and the Mouse – the only Israeli production company at this year’s Fringe.

Jennifer Jajeh’s show is called I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid to Tell You.

Jennifer Jajeh  promotes her show in “I Heart Hamas” shirt

This morning, Calvin phoned me from New York to tell me that “Jennifer Jajeh  has received death threats and there are calls to boycott her show at the Edinburgh Fringe… and now I too am being threatened and called an anti-Semite.”

Unconnected to these death threats, Calvin – who is incidentally a  black American – earlier this morning received this e-mail:


From: Steve Malone <>

Date: Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 3:06 AM

Subject: Supporting suicide-bombing Jew-hating manaics

To: Calvin Wynter

You vile, antisemitic pieces of garbage should go rot in hell.

Fuck you, and fuck your piece of shit parents for creating you.



Bizarrely, this appears to come from which describes itself as “the most popular independent pro basketball website in the world”.

Calvin seems particularly bemused by being called an anti-Semite.

“For the record,” he says, “my great grandmother was a Sephardic Jew from Syria. In essence I am being attacked because Inbrook is promoting both a Palestinian American Christian – Jennifer Jajeh – and two Israeli Jews – The Elephant and the Mouse.”

He tells me he thinks what this exposes is “The ignorance of blind hate”.

Yes indeed. And it is ironic, too, given that the email allegedly from Steve Malone is apparently opposed to terrorism.

My dictionary defines Terrorism as “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”.

The emphasis is mine.

The sender should also note that, in the subject heading of his e-mail, he has mis-spelt the word maniacs as “manaics”. This is never a good start.


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7 responses to “Death threats to Edinburgh performer and attack on New York promoter

  1. I simply cannot take any threat seriously, when the language used is misspelled, ungrammatical, or doesn’t scan. I’m a stickler for details.

    The only way to deal with these people is to pick them up on their diction.

  2. I suggest you invite “Steve” to attend, I certainly shall be.

  3. Nancy Sale

    I know Jennifer personally – shocked and disheartened to think that such invective could be directed at her! She is an amazing woman and her show is so enlightening.

  4. Unfortunately Arab (and African-) Americans don’t have the luxury of laughing off death threats because they are misspelled since the people who routinely try to kill us often aren’t exactly geniuses. Try and succeed.

    I saw the show in New York and it’s wonderful. Peace and safe travels to Jennifer and Calvin.

  5. Deavman

    Her adoption of Hamas as a symbol of freedom for her people and even stating that she “Loves ” Hamas should make her immediately suspicious as this organization is bent on terrorizing, killing and warmongering against Jews . If she were suddenly transplanted in the Hamas enclave, she would be stripped of rights not only as a woman but simply as a human being. She would be harassed into submission . It is not only sad to see her supporting a genocidal organization but also being so disingenuous as to ignore its extremist behavior that would deny her all the freedom that she surely cherishes as a resident of the US.
    In brief, another deluded, if gifted, woman that falls into the romantic illusion of a repressive, murderous and ultimately doomed movement that is Hamas.

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