Why no-one should ever interview me + I explain the Malcolm Hardee Awards

Hayden Cohen interviews me in the Royal Mile last month

This year, from mid-August to mid-October, the SoundCloud website supported fifteen ‘SoundCloud Fellows’  “on a project of their own design that inspires, engages, and communicates the unique breadth of sound”.

Surprisingly, this included comedian Hayden Cohen chatting to me for eight minutes in the doorway of a shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh in mid-August. It was part of a series of interviews called Royal Mile Stories: The Bumpy Road to EdFringe which he has now put online.

He asked me to chat after I had gone to see his Edinburgh Fringe show Age of The Geek. He describes himself as “an arty person obsessed with technology… because technology’s amazing. The idea that it’s limitless. Arthur C Clarke said technology has reached its peak when you don’t know the difference between technology and magic. And someone else said technology has become ubiquitous when you can throw it away in the rubbish bin. Back in the day, radios were seen as WOW! Radios!!! but now people throw them in rubbish skips all the time.”

Anyone who has ever heard me interviewed will know the feeling. The interview was theoretically about the Malcolm Hardee Awards and you can hear the full unedited version here:

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One response to “Why no-one should ever interview me + I explain the Malcolm Hardee Awards

  1. Anna Smith

    I enjoyed hearing Hayden Cohen’s interview of you, it was very well done and informative so I’m not sure you say no-one should ever interview you. It was fun to hear your voice, after just reading your stuff for more than a year. I’ve heard that many people dislike the sound of ones own voice on a recording. There must be a scienific reason, maybe its just because we’re so used to hearing our voices directly through a few inches of our own heads, and hearing it come out of a machine is disconcerting. I find that hearing my own voice in a recording to be grating, even when others say I sounded fine.

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