Comedian Lewis Schaffer gets attacked for his allegedly woman-hating blogs about TV presenter Justin Lee Collins

Lewis Schaffer – sexist or vulnerable?

Last night, I got a call from Lewis Schaffer.

“The shit’s hit the fan,” he said. “I don’t want to be Frankie Boyle. I don’t want people to be mad at me. Well, just a little bit. That’s my default position. My parents were always mad at me. That meant they were paying attention.”

Last Friday, Lewis wrote a blog which started:

According to the Daily Mail, British comic Justin Lee Collins is on trial for “Harrassment (Causing fear of violence)” for calling his girlfriend a “fat dog” and telling her she was “riddled with cellulite”.

The blog was headlined: No man ever used the words “riddled with cellulite”. A defense of Justin Lee Collins.

The next day, Lewis followed it up with a blog headed: Justin Lee Collins attempts murder while Alan Carr watches. Believe it or Not!

“People are complaining that I’m defending violence against women,” Lewis told me. “That I’m a woman-hater, that I don’t understand what domestic violence is.”

“So what is your view on domestic violence?” I asked.

“That it’s best kept in the home,” said Lewis. “On stage, that’s funny. Maybe in print, people don’t know it’s a joke.

“People are viewing me like some archaic male chauvinist. I’m not. I don’t like people getting upset with what I write. My goal is to make people like me. The trouble with comedy is that, if you try to get people to like you, they don’t like you; and if you try to get people to hate you, then that doesn’t work either. Some people are saying to me – John, you yourself have said to me – I should be like Frankie Boyle and get into arguments, but I don’t want to get into arguments with people.”

“But,” I said, “that’s your schtick. On stage, you are confrontational. You tell the audience they are crap; you tell some audience members you don’t like them; you tell them you hate Jews, then you explain you’re a Jew and tell jokes about the Holocaust. That’s confrontational.”

“It isn’t confrontational,” Lewis argued, “because it’s interactive. They can see my face. The trouble is I write my blogs in the privacy of my own home and people can’t see my face when they read a blog.”

“So,” I said, “if you tell a live audience they’re crap, that’s OK because they can see your face and your eyes when you say it and you can see them, so you can control their perception of you?”

“Yes. It’s a very complicated situation,” said Lewis.

“I’ve seen you say on stage that you don’t like women,” I told Lewis. “But, of course, the audience knows that’s not true because they can feel the comic attitude. But a lot of your act on stage superficially is about how awful your ex-wife was and women are.”

“Yeah,” agreed Lewis, “it is about that but I think, at the end of the show, people realise who the real loser is – and it’s me. They walk away thinking I feel sorry for that woman being married to that man.”

“You have had some people walk out of your stage shows outraged, though,” I said.

“I have had many people walk out of my shows,” said Lewis, “and usually they walk out not after what I say but in anticipation of what I’m going to say because they think Oh my god! I can’t listen to this!”

“And in fact,” I suggested, “if they stayed and listened to more, they would realise it’s more balanced.”

“Yeah,” said Lewis. “It’s balanced. I don’t blame my ex-wife for everything. At the end of the show, people see that. They see I’m a flawed human being.”

“So your basic problem,” I suggested, “is that you’re used to saying things in a conversational way… You tend to talk WITH the audience in your shows, not just talk TO them… It’s a dialogue… But, when you put the same words down in cold print, people can’t read between the lines.”

“Yeah,” said Lewis. “A lot of what I do is tongue-in-cheek and most people realise that when they see me.”

“But they don’t necessarily see that in an individual blog?” I asked.

“If they read all the blogs, they realise that. The problem is I do care. I never do a blog that everyone agrees with. If I were to do a blog that says women are oppressed, some people would disagree. When I write a blog about Justin Lee Collins being pilloried and that no-one is speaking out for him…

“What I was reacting to in my blog was the sense of imbalance that’s being projected about Justin Lee Collins. I don’t know the guy. If I met him, I might not even like the guy. Anybody who screams at women… I’ve never done that… I withdraw into my own shell when people are attacking me. I’ve never ever screamed at a woman.”

“So give me an example of how people are criticising you…”

“Well, they’re saying that I’m… Well, one well-known female comic didn’t even have the nerve to say what she didn’t like… She asked if any comedians were going to speak out against me. It was one of the Tweets. But she didn’t come out and say I don’t like what this guy said. She didn’t say that, but she was thinking that, probably…”

“So,” I asked, “have people actually said to you in the flesh that you are blogging bad things?”

“No, just on the internet,” replied Lewis. “It’s the power of the Tweet. The irony is that, behind closed doors, I went a little mental and crossed a line I shouldn’t have done and, behind closed doors, they’re going all mental on me. Everyone’s in the privacy of their own little iPhones and iPads so they can say and write and do things that they wouldn’t say and do in real life. If they spoke to me, they’d know… They know me…

“Yeah, I am bitter. I do hate women. And I love women too. Women hate women. Life’s complicated and I’m even more complicated. I am famous for my bitterness. I’m bitter about men too. This blog happened to be bitter about women. There’ll be a future blog that’s bitter about men. Just wait…”

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One response to “Comedian Lewis Schaffer gets attacked for his allegedly woman-hating blogs about TV presenter Justin Lee Collins

  1. I did a gig with Lewis that was pulled in Tooting many years ago and he and a certain south London promoter inflicted their views on women on me. I understand Mr S had been through a messy divorce at the time but it did annoy me a bit when he started to tell me that my relationship too was like his… when I hadn’t actually told him any detail about it. Anyway I did think he was a bit of a male chauvinist then … still at least he has the self perception to realise he might be wrong.

    I felt his original article contained too many generalisations. Many women I’m sure do use access rights / threats of claiming harassment to deny access rights to fathers but I dont think they’re the majority… I think most women want their kids to have a dad … sweeping generalisation. Also there is actually a legal definition of harassment. Look it up. What’s difficult though is this is not a case about physical but mental violence … so not most people’s idea of abuse…

    Erm he may or may not be guilty of harassment but…I dont think JLC will be winning gentleman of the year. In our adversarial system the prosecution go first. Interesting to see how the defence respond to this. Despite what I’ve said I am glad that someone is “doing a Horace Rumpole” on a sort of point of principle…

    Have to say though it doesn’t look good.

    I met him once … at the Cosmic in 1998 where he was obviously very nervous but did very well. He and his then girlfriend were very tactile with each other as I remember … and I’ve seen him upstairs at the Fitzroy Tavern at least once so …it’s sort of intereting from a nosey point of view. I also heard him slagging off Bruce Forsythe as old and past it on the wireless which wasn’t very nice.

    Listening to the evidence does sound like classic isolating abusive behaviour but then … they had split up …so why did she take him to court? Evidence of the actual harassment (the crime) has not actually been presented yet, But then why take it to court if it’s not serious. Maybe he’d done lots of things but this is what the CPS could make stick.

    I’ve never called any woman “a slag” but I dont think I’d want my private arguments played back in court either … we’ve all done things we wouldn’t want aired in public. It’s all very murky. I suppose that’s why the tabloids are having a field day. Maybe he is an abuser but unfortunately abusers are very good at sounding plausible. There’s a lot going on here and at the very least I dont see how you could fake those tape recordings…

    Anyway … the most interesting thing if you ask me is that while the tabloids pour over every salacious detail … Chortle seems to be pretending the whole thing isn’t happening ?! It’s like everywhere else it’s on the front page but in Chortle world the seedy side of showbiz is airbrushed from their “News”…

    … is it only me that finds this odd?

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