Have the Jimmy Savile police decided to re-define the word ‘arrest’ as ‘chat’?

Men in blue on the lookout for headlines

Lads on the look-out for famous names and tabloid publicity

Am I alone… Day 2.

Am I alone in wondering about all these police ‘arrests’ in the Jimmy Savile paedophile case?

Are they actually arresting people they genuinely think are guilty of something or are they just questioning high-profile people under caution and then saying “We have arrested Famous Person Number 5” to make it look like they are actively pursuing the case?

The usual routine in high-profile murder cases is that, if the police can’t find anyone to arrest, they simply find the local loony, arrest and charge him and hope to fix the evidence so he goes down for 30 years.

In the case of these Jimmy Savile ‘arrests’, they seem to be allegedly ‘arresting’ people who will make the front page of the tabloids, having a chat with them and then releasing them all without any charge.

I think my understanding of the word ‘arrest’ may be at fault.

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