Who won the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards 2013?

The Malcolm Hardee Awards, with ‘Million’ award in middle

The Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards 2013: Comic Originality, Pound of Flesh and Cunning Stunt,

The winners of the Increasingly Prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards – see www.increasinglyprestigious.co.uk – were announced during a rowdy two hour variety show in the ballroom of The Counting House at the Edinburgh Fringe in the early hours of today..

The increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Award winners are:


Adrienne Trustcott – http://www.adriennetruscott.com

She performed her controversial show “Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else!” naked from the waist down in intimate new venue Bob’s Bookshop.

Malcolm Hardee judge Kate Copstick said: “This show is brutal, brilliant and brave. It is painfully funny and if you miss it you will miss the moment in the history of stand-up comedy wherein a woman actually took the genre and did something with it that no man could do. It is an extraordinary hour. All the more so because Adrienne Truscott isn’t even (or wasn’t until now) a stand-up. She is one half of the fabulous Wau Wau Sisters but, wau, is she sticking it to ’em now.”


Barry Ferns – http://www.barryferns.com

Barry printed 2,000 fake copies of Fringe review sheet Broadway Baby in which his own comedy show was given six stars and the review: “This is without doubt the best comedy show I have ever seen, or am likely to see in the rest of my life…A phenomenal show. Better than life itself.”

He topped this with another fake issue of Broadway Baby with the headline FOSTERS AWARD NOMINATIONS ANNOUNCED and then distributed the sheets around Edinburgh. The entirely fictitious nominations included Barry Ferns for both Best Newcomer and Main Prize. Members of the public could be seen picking it up and reading it all over Edinburgh.

The increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards panel said this stunt was “in the glorious footsteps of Malcolm himself”… Malcolm once wrote a glowing review of his own Edinburgh Fringe show and submitted it toThe Scotsman in the name of their own comedy critic. They printed it. Barry’s stunt took this scam one step further by actually faking the entire publication within which the review was printed.

The increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards panel decided there was no performer worthy of the annual ACT MOST LIKELY TO WIN A MILLION QUID AWARD this year so, instead – because they did not want to waste the trophy which had already been made – they gave…


Ellis (with Rose) – http://ellisandrose.com

The Ellis & Rose comedy duo claimed Ellis had been attacked in the street because of their appearance in controversial comedy show Jimmy Savile: The Punch and Judy Show. In fact, Rose had punched Ellis in the eye four times simply to get publicity for their show. For more details, read my blog about it.

The increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards panel said the award was for the comedy duo’s “relentless pursuit of the kind of publicity money cannot – and perhaps should not – buy”


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3 responses to “Who won the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards 2013?

  1. charles@thespaceuk.com

    Malcolm would cringe John,
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  2. All well deserved and should have won every other award going, the corporate whore’s vote for themselves. Well done Adrienne.

  3. It was an absolutely brilliant show, thanks, had the time of my life there, my highlight of the fringe! thanks to everyone involved, I’ve not stopped talking about it since.

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