One man talks to his sad-looking dog

Not the Alsatian dog on the train

Not the sad-looking Alsatian dog on the train

I was travelling in a train yesterday.

There was a man sitting at the other side of the carriage with a sad-looking Alsatian dog.

The man wore a dark, neat, very expensive business suit. He had short black curly hair and was clean. Very neat and clean. He was perhaps in his mid-thirties.

After we had gone one station, the man said to the dog:

“They’re all good and bad at the same time.”

The dog looked at him, as if the man were telling him there was no more dog food left in the world.

“Politicians,” the man explained to the dog. “They’re all brown. A warm brown.”

The dog looked at the man, then looked at me. His eyes were very sad.

The man looked at me with no expression in his eyes.

I looked at the dog.

“They are,” the man told me.

The dog looked at the man.

The man looked at the dog.

I looked at the empty seat opposite me.

The man and the dog left the train at the next station.

I have no explanation.


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3 responses to “One man talks to his sad-looking dog

  1. Have three questions,
    Was the dog sitting upright on the seat next to the very clean man,
    Did the dog reply,
    Were you a little bit tempted to ask them to smile and pose for a photo ?

  2. Heard that she’d bite your hand off for a biscuit !!

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