Why people should go to comedy clubs on a Saturday night and not complain

Ivo Dembina at Hampstead Comedy Club last night

Ivor Dembina at his Hampstead Comedy Club last night

I seem to be having a run of things happening in Thameslink trains on my way home from comedy gigs.

Last night, I went to Ivor Dembina’s weekly Hampstead Comedy Club – now somewhat surreally in its new Camden Town High Street venue. Full room, four cracking acts, wonderful atmosphere. And with The Orchestra of Andy Zapp in attendance – I blogged about Andy three days ago.

Ivor performs (left) while Andy adds texture (right)

Ivor performed (left) & Andy added extra audio layers (right)

The set-up is that Andy sits in a corner at the front of the audience with a microphone, a harmonica and one of those small plastic sound machines which emit a few seconds of clapping, wah-wah-wah sound, comedy music etc etc if you press the appropriate button.

In effect, it is controlled heckling – little comments, sound effects and creative additions thrown in by another comic which add another layer to Ivor’s schtick rather than detract from what’s happening on stage (as some, not all, heckling can).

Very interesting. I don’t think I have seen it done like that before.

Everyone left Ivor’s club with a smile on his or her face.

Then, on my train back to Elstree & Borehamwood, I overheard two slightly drunk late-middle-aged women talking.

“As a parent,” one said, “you spend 25 years – almost a third of your adult life – looking after a child and, at the end, they leave you and you don’t even have that human being you created as a friend.”

She should go to comedy clubs, like me, and laugh at (seldom with) life.

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