I want comedian Lewis Schaffer to die

A coffin shop on Macau

A coffin shop in Macau. Would they rent one for a party?

Yesterday, I had lunch with comedy and theatre director Catherine Arden.

She asked me what comedian Chris Luby’s funeral had been like and told me about comedian Jason Wood’s funeral.

This led to me saying (hardly an original thought) that it was a great pity people could not attend their own funerals.

Well, of course, they do attend their own funerals.

But you know what I mean.

I said I thought people should arrange to have their own funeral perhaps every ten years up to their death. Or perhaps every year.

You could have an annual birthday celebration and an annual funeral.

Lewis Schaffer: the face of a multiple killer

Lewis Schaffer – hiding from death

An annual deathday celebration.

It would be part funeral, part wake, part American-style roast.

I wondered if it is possible to hire a coffin on a daily rate.

Last year, comedian Lewis Schaffer told me he was thinking of developing cancer this year for his Edinburgh Fringe show.

To attract attention.

Perhaps, instead, he should just die. Daily.

Like most comedians, he has some experience of it.

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One response to “I want comedian Lewis Schaffer to die

  1. Ian

    With Lewis you feel like he is sometimes flogging a dead horse and when you are in a grave stop digging. Anyway we shall see him in the mighty Edinburgh he’s currently on a provisional status. Plus if he got cancer it probably wouldn’t work as it doesn’t pass the ‘so what’ test and if he had some sort of terminal illness than I would recommend doing some sort of bucket list stuff rather than trying to break it at Edinburgh. It is a veritable vale of tears and shattered dreams for most

    http://youtu.be/6XfFFMiUemw #LewisSchaffer must get him in our Edinburgh schedule my EdAczel vid 123 views to LS 168 http://youtu.be/O3zxrUK4OQY

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