My three golden rules of life


Never trust anyone. Even someone with your best interests at heart can unintentionally do something which will end up killing you.


Never let the bastards see they have hurt you.


Give people leeway.

The first time, it could be a mistake.

The second time, it could be coincidence.

The third time, it is enemy action and you are entitled to rip their throats out.


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7 responses to “My three golden rules of life

  1. #1 wtf does trust have to do with a thing if you do not have collateral first?
    #2 if you have something to hide maybe you should find some where else to stand (pain is the definition of what it means to be alive – feel it or die)
    #3 learn to give – freely – contribution is how you got here – when you write “rip their throat out” it sounds like you are of the same ilk as the son of a biatch you are targeting

    You are a fuckin idiot

  2. Can I have the first reply decoded please and what is a biatch?

  3. With these rules I feel sorry for you

  4. Sandra Smith

    @thedailymash: Sharing overrated
    Well son of a biatch I’ve found another one !!

  5. Hannah Igwell

    Hmmmm. 1 is extremely harsh John! 2 – I do agree with that. 3 – I think I would give people less leeway ie. not beyond the second time. Cannot be a coincidence.

  6. Lee

    I agree with you entirely about doing things Lee’s way. That is what you said, isn’t it?

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