“Most of the people in comedy have no honesty or integrity at all,” says a comic

This man had no important message in 2012

In yesterday’s blog, I posted a response I had received to a February 2012 blog of mine.

There must be something in the air.

Just after I posted it, I received another response to a totally different 2012 blog.

In May 2012, I blogged about a man I had bumped into in Leicester Square.

He had been holding a placard saying:


Four days later, I found out the man was comedian Phil Klein and I posted another blog about him, in which I quoted a Chortle website review of his 2006 show The Growing Pains of Amos Phineas Klein Age 33 And A Third. The Chortle comedy website is run by Steve Bennett.

This is the comment which I received yesterday from Phil Klein. It is addressed not just to Steve but, I think, more generally to other comedians.

These are Phil’s comments:

Phil Klein gives his opinion

Phil Klein reacts to a Chortle review and to comics

This is a communication to a Mr Steve Bennett, a Comedic Reporter from the land we know as Chortle land, where everyone has a good old chortle, when they aren’t acting like cunts to each other in a good, old-fashioned, English passive-aggressive, “Let’s pretend we’re friends while stabbing each other in the back” kind of way.

You were right, Mr Bennett, there was “a yawning gap” between me coming across “effortlessly as a nice enough bloke” and “the X-factor that will elevate him from the open mic circuit.”

You’re right there was a yawning gap, but here’s the thing, when people yawn it is because they are bored. What I just got, at the time, was that the gap between being an open mic comedian and a pro comedian was indeed yawning, i.e. very, very boring, and I wasn’t interested in it. Because the truth is that the world of comedy is fucking boring, and I want no part in it whatsoever. Because I want to be around interesting people who are up to stuff in life, and, frankly, most comedians aren’t.

And, yes, if you think that’s arrogant, fine, I’m arrogant. Which is actually a reflection of just how unbelievably arrogant so many of you are. Cos, you pretend you’re mates with other comedians, when the truth is you are trying to get one over each other all the time and you want them to fuck up and die on their arse so that you can feel better about yourselves. I know, cos I was as bad as anyone, but at least I’m honest about what I’m like, whereas most of the people in comedy have no honesty or integrity at all.

And that is why I have zero interest in doing comedy at all. Cos the world of comedy stinks. It pretends it’s different to the work place when, actually, it’s exactly the same. Boring and dull people (the comedians) being boring and dull, as other boring and dull people (the audience) watch them being boring and dull, while being jealous of the fact that at least the boring and dull people (comedians) have the cohones to show the world just how boring and dull they are.

I’m saying this, cos that is what you all really think, and you are all just pretending otherwise.

And, yes, of course, there are same great people in comedy, some amazing people who are very, very interesting and up to brilliant, fantastic, fabulous things (my kinda people). But, sadly, most of the people who either perform or watch or promote comedy are boring and dull with not a whole lot going on in their lives, and that is why I want nothing to do with it, after I finish the three remaining gigs I have left at the Cavendish and the Water Poet.

Oh, and Bennett, you saw me being naturally very funny twice at the London Comedy Festival in 2005, and it is shocking that you made no mention of that, though, on the whole, your review was fair based on that gig you saw at Hammersmith.

I would be interested to hear other people’s publishable views on Phil’s comments. You can contact me via SoItGoes@thejohnfleming.com – or just leave a Comment on this blog.


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4 responses to ““Most of the people in comedy have no honesty or integrity at all,” says a comic

  1. Mike

    This reads like a guy reacting to a beautiful woman spurning his advances. “I didn’t want that ugly bitch anyway!”.

  2. john in cheshire

    I tend to be in agreement with Mr Klein’s sentiments, only to add that the bbc is guilty of promoting third-rate comedians as though they are doing something useful for the rest of us. The key to being a comedian in the UK at the moment appears to be : make a friend with perhaps Arthur Smith, demonstrate your socialism in your routines, be snide and vindictive towards normal non-socialists and such up to muslims and immigrants in general. The fact that they have no originality or inherent truth in their routines is neither here nor there, that can be fixed with canned laughter.

  3. Thanks for telling us, your comedy audience, that we are boring.

  4. ha ha . . john in cheshire you sound mental . . keep it up

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