Kate Copstick’s charity work in Kenya

Mama Biashara’s Kate Copstick at a happier time in Kenya

Kate Copstick when in Kenya

In the latest weekly Grouchy Club Podcast, comedy critic Kate Copstick explains the work of her Mama Biashara charity in Kenya and where the money raised goes to.

NB The following brief extract includes graphic sexual description. It begins with Copstick talking about the Kenyan border with Somalia.

The border is very, very porous, so there’s a lot of refugees, mainly a lot of women – all the people who are being as completely fucked-up and fucked-over by Somalian extremist Moslem groups as anybody outside the country. And these ladies have come to rest in Lamu, which is just off the coast of Kenya. It was, at one point a very nice, posh tourist resort for people who wanted to live in ancient villas and whatnot.

But, since the main beach activity became getting kidnapped by pirates, it has become less popular.

So these Somali ladies are there and we got to hear through someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew this lady’s daughter… We got sent this little video.

WhatsApp is an app that Africans use all the time to send pictures of everything and I get sent videos on it all the time and I have yet to receive a video where you go: Oh, that’s lovely!

It’s always something hideous that’s been shot covertly or because someone needs my help or because we’re being threatened. I get quite a lot of threatening videos – you know – This will happen to you if you don’t back off…

And what are the pictures?

The ones that they send to frighten me are usually of people being burned alive and  beaten up. But this one was – and it’s slightly fuzzy so, at the beginning – and it’s small because it’s come from WhatsApp, so I put it on my laptop – and I went: Ooh..What’s th… Oh my God!…

It was like a purple, fist-sized lump of flesh with three kind of big holes going down into it with pus around the edge of the holes. And, just as you’re thinking Fuck me! that is somebody’s labia majora, a finger comes in with white glove on – a plastic glove – and lifts it up and the shot ‘develops’ to go right into the entrance of this lady’s vagina, right underneath the clitoral hood. And it’s just alive with hundreds of maggots…

Copstick goes on to explain how Mama Biashara will help. Also updated HERE.

The latest Grouchy Club Podcast can be heard on Podomatic and is also available to download from iTunes.

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