The splendour of spam and fab phishing

I wish I got more of these.
This one has its own linguistic splendour.
It should be encouraged and cherished…

Urgent my dear

Compliment of day to you. I am Barrister. Frank Komi. I have already
emailed you earlier on without any response from you. On my first
email with you, i mentioned about my late client, who relatives with
you by surname, I cannot get in touch with. But both of you have the
same last name so it will be very easy to front you as his official
next of kin.
I am compelled to do this because I would not want the bank to push my
clients funds $12.500 Million Dollars into their treasury as unclaimed
inheritance. If you are interested you do let me know so that I can
give you Comprehensive details on what we are to do.
Best Regards.
Barrister. Frank Komi


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4 responses to “The splendour of spam and fab phishing

  1. hummmm everytime I delete one of these I think to myself ‘what a plonker I am going to feel when I die if God says “Marie….you were always wishing to be a millionaire….why the hell did you never take up any of the offers I sent your way???!!!’

  2. Sandy Mac

    The above sounds like a letter from a bygone age.
    I know someone that parted with around £7,000 in a boiler room scam, re shares from years ago, that had supposedly become good. The scammers had a lot of information, but warning bells should have sounded when they asked for release funds. It left the elderly person in question, hugely embarrassed that they had been so gullible.

  3. Anna

    Gee…my spam is so inglorious related to your illustrious urgent message without even passport mentioned. Please I am saying my name is as well as Anna Fleming John so I may collect alongside you, Adam Taffler Fleming , Jimmy O’Neil Fleming and not be forgetting marvel dressed in suit your cousin Ian Edmund Fleming Breslin the great marvel of the western world

  4. Melissa Mailei

    I just received the same email. I looked up the name and it lead me here.

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