Comic confusion – comedy performer Louise Reay and her rather large wig?

Louise Reay, cleaning a great wall

Louise Reay has an unfeasible amount of hirsuteness about her

Sandra Smith, this blog’s South Coast correspondent, gets about a bit.

And comedy performer Louise Reay has a lot of hair.

Yesterday, I got an email from Sandra saying:

I went to see Michael Brunström last night at The Museum of Comedy in London. What a lovely venue and thoroughly enjoyed Michael’s show. Giacinto Palmieri was there and Louise Reay, with her husband. It’s just occurred to me that Louise was wearing her wig, unless she’s got quick-growing hair.

I replied: She has a WIG???

Louise Reay’s show poster at this year’s Brighton Fringe

Louise Reay’s show poster at this year’s Brighton Fringe

Sandra replied: That’s the way I’m used to seeing her, but in Brighton after the gig she had short hair, unless THAT was a wig.

I told Sandra: She couldn’t put a short hair wig over that mountain of hirsuteness.

She replied: Perhaps in Brighton, I confused her with a look-a-likee. Now I’m not sure. There’s no polite way of asking her ………. or is there?

No there is not. But, obviously, Sandra asked her anyway – on Facebook – prompting this dialogue:

LOUISE: Just found out someone saw my twin at my show and thought it was me. They have been thinking I had a shaved head all this time and I wear a wig for my show! Hahahahaha hahahaha!

SANDRA: I wondered at the Museum, why you were wearing your ‘gig wig’ out. Trying to dig my way out of the very large hole I have created, I have to say that you do have very lovely hair.

Louise Reay’s image of herself on her website

Louise Reay’s image of herself as displayed on her own website

LOUISE: Haha not at all – The whole of Asia also thinks my hair is a wig and lots of my parents-in-laws’ friends have wondered the same thing.

This, twinned with the presence of my twin at the Brighton Fringe, well, it’s completely understandable! And also hilarious.

At this point, Louise Reay’s twin sister Steph posted: I got the same thing when Louise’s posters went up all over Brighton: “Hey, I don’t know you had a show in the Fringe. What’s the story with the big wig?”

To avoid any future confusion, here is a photo of Louise (right) and Steph (left), both wearing their real hair:



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One response to “Comic confusion – comedy performer Louise Reay and her rather large wig?

  1. Owen Morgan

    I don’t think her hair is that unusual- she’s got no more than Stevie Nicks or the two girls from ‘Voice From The Beehive’.

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