The search for Franz William Yordy

The number of unknown unknowns is unknown

I am always grateful to receive comments on my blogs and, this morning, I received a message commenting on yesterday’s blog.

It is from someone called Franz William Yordy. I do not think we have ever met.

I think I would have remembered.

His comment reads:


When did you start sporting a beard? I had to where I AM kept by the Baboons in this coo coo’s nest, Kidnapped here and kept here by my pumpkin of a wife in her pumpkin shell. At least I am still young enough at age 68 to still look like a Greybeard of 40. Razors nor strops are allowed here; Really AM wearing prison blue scrubs for this animal farm I AM in. This Bond ‘girl’ Shure ends up in the damdest of circum stances. Can’t even have suspenders for my jeans.

Any ways john Olde Chap
URE Queen is only half of a whole stein.
Who Stoll her Heine parts.
I here she may be salted away.

When do I get a cut of the Family Jewels here on this ‘Animal Farm’? ? ? ? 

aka : : : : sKYFALL : : : :

When I Googled “Franz William Yordy” it took me to  a page for the numerology meaning of Franz William Yordy.

Its analysis starts:

The life path number of Franz William Yordy is 6. People with the life path number 6 are solid and reliable being able to hold their own in any situation. Their humanitarian instincts are strong. Fairness and the welfare of others is of great importance to this life path number…

That is reassuring to know.

A Google search also told me that, on Linkedin, Franz William Yordy is “Presidant at Snow Peak Apiaries”.

It is reassuring that my blog is read by Presidents.

A Google image search took me to a painting of William Prince Zu Solms-Braunfel, which I am happy to share with you below.

I knew that writing a blog would be educational.

William Prince Zu Solms-Braunfel




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