Mr Hardee’s boat appeal, Mr Methane’s culture & Ms Copstick’s skin lightening

The Wibbley Wobbley in its Rotherhithe home

The Wibbley Wobbley currently in its Rotherhithe home

Life can be very confusing.

Apparently there may be plans to scrap late comedian Malcolm Hardee’s last comedy club venue – the Wibbley Wobbley boat in Rotherhithe.

As far as I understand it, there are plans to make repairs to the Wibbley Wobbley. The Harbour Master wants the boat taken out into dry dock for any works to be carried out at a total cost of approximately £100,000, but it seems as though he is not going to let it back in again after repairs because he wants another boat there in its place as a restaurant.

It is complicated. There is a petition.

Mr Methane brings culture to the city of culture

Mr Methane brought a bit of culture to the city of culture

Meanwhile, Mr Methane sends me a link to a TV show he appeared on in Rome, city of culture.

Who knows what they were thinking of when they booked him?

And who knows where critic Kate Copstick is?

I recorded the weekly Grouchy Club Podcast with her last Friday at her Mama Biashara charity shop in London’s Shepherd’s Bush and understood that yesterday (Tuesday) she was off to the island of Lesbos with tents etc for refugees.

Copstick and Methane at the 2009 Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards Show

Copstick and Methane at the 2009 Malcolm Hardee Awards

But now, from Facebook, I find out (because of lack of transport) she went off not to Lesbos (in the Eastern Mediterranean, just off Turkey) but to Mama Biashara’s work in Kenya.

She says she will probably go to Lesbos when she gets back from Kenya. As far as I know, she gets back from Kenya on Wednesday 2nd December, which is the same day she is taking part in a Comedy Industry Day at the Jewish Comedy Festival in London’s Hampstead.

She had better be back by Tuesday 8th December, because that is when she and I host another live Grouchy Club event in Shepherd’s Bush. The last one was so extraordinary and largely unprintable that this one should be interesting.

Mama Biashara could help with this problem

The effect of the new skin whitener

Apparently, even as I write this, Copstick is heading to Mombasa to see a group of about 150 sex workers who have “got into a serious pickle with their skin lightening”.

She says: “For years they simply scrubbed themselves twice daily with household bleach. Three weeks ago someone sold them a new whitener and the result was bleeding noses and ears and gums and the rest.”

There are photographs.

The effect of the new whitening in Kenya

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One response to “Mr Hardee’s boat appeal, Mr Methane’s culture & Ms Copstick’s skin lightening

  1. From Kenya, Copstick comments:
    Reaf it. I sound like a real bleeding heart !
    Kenya is wetter than an otter’s chuff. Mombasa trip is postponed as the last bus from Nairobi (left Wednesday) has not yet reached Mombasa and the train was derailed by flooding. And I cannot afford a flight.
    But the women are being treated – largely paid for by the bitch who sold them the toxic skin lightener. She is bribing them not to go to the police and/or media.
    Hoorah ! However they are still decidedly crispy.

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