The continuing fascination with suicide

suicideblogI have written this blog since May 2010 and I have a rough idea how the hits on it work.

On the day I post a blog, it gets big hits.

Slightly less hits the next day.

By the third day, the hits have pretty much stopped.

After that, pretty much – nothing.

Only rare, sporadic hits.

So I find it interesting that, almost every day, one particular blog I wrote pretty much two years ago – on 15th January 2015 – is still getting daily hits.

Not big hits in any way. Small numbers. But steady hits.

The blog was headlined:


These are the figures for hits over the last fortnight. They seem fairly steady. The fact there are any at all for a two-year-old blog is extraordinary. The fact that they are regular and fairly steady is interesting.

Sunday 20th – 38
Monday 21st – 23
Tuesday 22nd – 22
Wednesday 23rd – 12
Thursday 24th – 15
Friday 25th – 26
Saturday 26th – 29
Sunday 27th – 38
Monday 28th – 46
Tuesday 29th – 28
Wednesday 30th – 34
Thursday 1st – 68
Friday 2nd – 59
Yesterday – 39

I have no idea what this means sociologically, but it must mean something.

The blog is HERE.


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2 responses to “The continuing fascination with suicide

  1. Anna

    Maybe it means that people want to look at the picture of you when you were eighteen.

  2. Owen Morgan

    If you want to top yourself, forget putting your head in a gas oven- we’re now supplied with North Sea gas, which is non-fatal if inhaled, you just get a dreadful headache and feel sick. It’s not like the ’50s, it’s a technique that doesn’t work now.
    Secondly, NEVER try to commit suicide- to begin with, there’s too much to live for, God didn’t give us our lives just so’s we can throw them away. If you feel suicidal, just pray- doesn’t matter if you aren’t a believer, just give it a go and you may be surprised. Also, suicide attempts can go horribly wrong- people have tried to hang themselves and just end up paralysed and brain-damaged, or they’ve drunk bleach and just ended up blind. There’s no guarenteeable way of ending your life other than taking cyanide, which is inaccessible to virtually everyone anyway other than to astronauts on dangerous missions or to certain types of secret agent. Life isn’t a game, it’s a serious and often desperately hard thing- but those who survive it come out stronger.

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