Scottish comedienne Janey Godley is accused of having a secret life

Janey Godley and the letter from a non-fan

Ah! The joys of being a jobbing comedian with a big mouth…

My comic chum Janey Godley, whose latest London show was the subtly-titled Donald Trump Is A Cunt, has already incurred the Orange wrath of deranged Rangers fans.

Now she tells me that – before one of her recent shows in Paisley – a man was handing out sheets of paper to members of her audience.

The sheets (with spelling mistakes intact) read:

janey godley is employed by british intelligence

the purpose of this employment is to deceive and lie to the british public

she plays many roles, including janey godley, to take part in these frauds

the scale and scope of the lies and deception that take place in the public areas are too vast in scope to go into here and you would dismiss them out of hand as the ramblings of a madman, which you probably will anyway, but the purpose of this is to make you aware who you are seeing tonight, “janey” could give you a talk tonight that would shake you to your core and make you leave the theatre re-evaluating your understanding of the world we live in and your place in it, but she wont.

i believe “janey godley” to be a character played by an actress who is under the employment of british intelligence to carry our fake events in ther public arena for social and phsycological engineering purposes, i believe when we identify these people amongst us we must call them out for the liars they are so thats what im doing.

Ah! Freedom of speech is something to be cherished and encouraged.

The person who wrote that warning about Janey should stand for political office.

On current trends, they might get elected.


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5 responses to “Scottish comedienne Janey Godley is accused of having a secret life

  1. Owen Morgan

    It was British Intelligence that helped us win the last 2 World Wars and stopped Hitler from getting the atom bomb, which he would otherwise have done- it was British Intelligence that stopped the Welsh Nationalists from carrying out a massive bombing campaign, and saved us from some potentially catastrophic IRA attacks- it was British Intelligence that prevented the Islamic extremist mass bombing of trans-Atlantic airline flights planned a few years ago, and is still keeping us safe from terrorism that could involve biological and chemical devices. This foul-mouthed little Scotswoman needs to do her research properly; MI5 & MI6 have indeed done some bad things, but in general we owe our lives to them.

  2. Owen Morgan

    On the other hand, how do we know that she doesn’t REALLY work for the British secret service and that what she’s doing is not a cover?!

  3. sandy Mac

    Ha ha, now that IS funny. A Scottish Modesty Blaise.

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