The wreck of the Wibbley Wobbley

The Wibbley Wobbley in its original berth at Greenland Dock in February 2014

As a sad PS to several recent blogs about the removal and rumoured scrapping of comedian Malcolm Hardee’s floating pub venue The Wibbley Wobbley, below is a photo taken by Stephen Mccreadie.

Wibbley Wobbley wreck


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3 responses to “The wreck of the Wibbley Wobbley

  1. Charles Pamment

    John – that’s a shocker!! Bloody sad.

  2. Anna

    Well it’s still floating and it has a nice rub rail.
    All it really needs is a couple of guys from Quebec, some cases of Corona and a stack of two by sixes and it could have a nice new superstructure in a week. Get some bilge pumps. Put in a stripper pole too, a solar panel and a little woodstove so it’s warm enough for the strippers.Then all you need a shag carpet, and maybe another case of beer.

  3. Owen Morgan

    Tragic, utterly tragic- but not too late to save if the hull’s still there. I’d say it’d take more than a week to get a new superstructure, but it could still be done. If any of it’s still there though, it’ll probably be bought by someone who wants to use it for something completely different, i.e. a houseboat, floating restaurant or similar. If they’ve only removed the top half, it suggests that someone’s got plans for the rest of it. Keep us posted.

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