The nightmare effect of travelling on too many Thameslink trains – beetroot

I very rarely remember my dreams but I woke up during one this morning.

I was working, freelance, for a TV company and, during the lunch hour, I had to go to hospital where one of the treatments was to put beetroot on my stomach.

Next, I was scheduled to see the oncologist, but I could not remember the name of the person I was working for to phone and tell them I would not be back after lunch and someone had, as a joke, tattooed the bottom half of both my legs while I was asleep during the beetroot treatment.

This is what happens when you have to travel four times on a Sunday during a Bank Holiday weekend on the anarchic rail service Govia Thameslink – as I did yesterday – it turns your head into a gooey mess.

The beetroot was not even edible.

It was a nightmare.

The journeys not the dream.


‪Happy Thameslink passengers enjoying the relaxed holiday atmosphere on one of the tranquil platforms at St Pancras station in London, untroubled by trains.‬


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2 responses to “The nightmare effect of travelling on too many Thameslink trains – beetroot

  1. Lynn Bell

    We benefited from Thameslink chaos on Saturday as, of course, our Thameslink train was cancelled and we were able to take the Victoria line train which costs nearly £50 instead of £15 for Thameslink and can claim the Thameslink fare back.  The walk from Victoria is same length as from Blackfriars to the West End (we saw Consent, excellent). Am in London 2.30 pm on Thursday seeing The Moderate Soprano at St Martin’s Lane if you are around.

    • Lucky you!

      Buy a EuroLottery ticket!

      Alas on Thursday – indeed, Monday-Friday inclusive this week – I am at Center Parcs near Thetford (for free) with Ariane, her daughter and her in-the-process-of-divorcing husband.

      It may be the basis for a future sitcom…

      John xxx

      On Mon, 28 May 2018 at 12:10, SO IT GOES – John Fleming's blog wrote:


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