I keep feeling like I want to fall over…

Another one of those blogs only of interest to me in years to come; or to niche medical students.

Back in January, for three or five days, I was almost falling over.

This recurred about three weeks later and again two days ago.

I was OK yesterday during the day but, last night, the wobbliness came back. 

Since last May/June, my sleeping pattern every night is I go to bed and have some trouble getting to sleep (I used to go to sleep almost immediately).

After sleeping for about two hours, I wake up with a dry – and I mean totally dry – mouth and tongue and have to drink some water. I then go back to sleep but, at least once every hour after that, I wake up again with a bone dry mouth and have to more drink water.

This means that, a lot of the times I wake up, I have to go to the loo.

Last night, I went to sleep around 2300 and woke up about 0100… then (as normal since last May) I kept waking up with dehydration at least once in every hour until around 0800. Most times I had to go to the toilet.

All that water imbibed!

Multiple toilet trips!

But, when I got up and sat on the edge of the bed to get up, my head felt wobbly inside and my torso wanted to topple over. I had to concentrate to stay upright, then inch slowly to the foot of the bed, still sitting on it, reach out, open the wardrobe door and use my right hand to clutch the edge of the door to raise myself up.

I then had to walk a wibbly-wobbly diddery-doddery walk to the loo keeping myself upright by clutching the end of doors, doorframes and walls until I got to the actual toilet. If I had not done that, I would have fallen over.

Maybe it’s not vertigo. Who knows?

I think vertigo is a sort of dizziness with the world spinning sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly round outside or inside your head. This was more like a lack of communication between brain and balance function. Maybe it’s an ear infection.

Sure as hell, my GP won’t be any help and, as I say, at the moment, in the daylight, with my torso vertical, there’s no problem.

We shall see what happens.

Tomorrow night is another day.

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One response to “I keep feeling like I want to fall over…

  1. (1) Keep a plastic urinal by the bedside like I do.
    (2) You should have a referral to a neurologist.

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