So the British aspire to be Estate Agents or Prison Officers, not Nurses…

One of the joys of writing a blog is that you get occasionally quirky stories sent to you by PR companies extolling the merits of their clients.

Such was the case today when I got an email about who are apparently Recruitment Specialists in the sexy and exciting Search Engine Optimisation field. They have, I’m told, “analysed the most Googled jobs around the globe, in a bid to reveal which careers different cultures are searching for post-pandemic.”

Tragically, it turns out (if their research is correct) that British people, post-pandemic, aspire in far greater numbers to be Estate Agents or Prison Officers rather than Nurses.

The Most Searched for Jobs in the UK are:

Other findings, which I feel obliged to pass on, include the apparent fact that ‘Translator’ is the most Googled job in Europe, with the majority of searches coming from Spain. I imagine this is because the French refuse to speak any other language and the Germans are – well, who knows what the Germans are searching for?

As for more creative areas, Seoforhire seem to have gone surreally eclectic in their choice of countries to research:

Arts, Creative and Media Jobs:

No doubt the aspiring musical Romanians are all hoping to follow in the footsteps of multi-talented Dragos Mostenescu

To quote the great Max Bialystock, the potential patron saint of PR men and women: “When you got it, flaunt it! Flaunt it!”

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