Cyber attack? Am I turning paranoid? Are conspiracy theories my next stop?

A friend of mine lives in the South of England.

I got this message from her earlier in the week…

Three-hour power cut here yesterday – no internet, no mobile phone, no text, no landline – Their excuse seems unlikely to cover this.

The reason given by the relevant company was:

It seems odd that both electricity and phones were affected.

I thought electricity cables and landline phone cables were separate – let alone mobile phones which go through the air – otherwise why have all the phone masts and BT Towers? Surely the BT Towers are there (according to the original edition of Beneath The City Streets) as part of a post-apocalyptic microwave communication system?

And, if landline and electricity lines ARE linked, then the electricity company could be supplying home phones and WiFi instead of or as well as the phone companies.

Am I being paranoid to think it might be a rather unlikely excuse to cover-up a cyber attack?

If so, it’s an admirably all-encompassing cyber attack…
It seems far too efficient for the Russians (judging by their incompetence in the Ukraine). I have always been a great admirer of Chinese originality.
Am I turning paranoid? Are conspiracy theories my next stop?
Could it be aliens from the Planet Thaarg?


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3 responses to “Cyber attack? Am I turning paranoid? Are conspiracy theories my next stop?

  1. Anna Smith

    Don’t worry John.
    It’s not Thaarg.
    It’s an electrical problem, caused by the The Ides of March.
    At least it’s not raining worms !

  2. John Stringer

    Maybe the mobile phone towers etc don’t work without electricity? (Just a thought, I know nothing.)

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