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The death of Tony Gray of The Alberts, who linked BBC2’s awful opening to The Goons, the Bonzo Dogs & Monty Python

Fifty years ago this Sunday – 20th April 1964 – the BBC2 television channel was due to start with a special programme The Albert’s Channel Too by anarchic comedy duo The Alberts. It was billed as coming “direct from the … Continue reading


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John Fleming’s Weekly Diary – No 26 – on Times Radio and pagan fertility rites

… CONTINUED FROM DIARY No 25 … SUNDAY 12th JULY In my last Diary blog I mentioned that the government had announced Christian churches can open for private prayer but there can be no singing for fear of spreading the coronavirus. … Continue reading

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There’s more to Richard O’Brien than the Rocky Horror Show’s Riff Raff…

Three weeks ago in this blog I mentioned the sad death of Douglas Gray of The Alberts, the extraordinary surreal brothers little remembered by ordinary punters now but whose influence on British comedy was so great that Douglas got a … Continue reading


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John Fleming’s (half) Weekly Diary No 22 – Coughs, teeth, dead surrealists

… CONTINUED FROM DIARY No 21 … SUNDAY 21st JUNE One of my front upper teeth has gone out of alignment with the others. Hopefully this is a false tooth. Staying on things oral, I have a lifelong dry, irritating … Continue reading

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The death of the second ‘Albert’ – supreme British surrealist entertainers

In a 2014 blog, I wrote about the death of Tony Gray, one of The Alberts – the gloriously eccentric British brothers who linked the shambolic opening night of BBC2 to The Goon Show, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and … Continue reading

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The link between Brecht, Milligan, Python, The Bonzos and Stephen Fry

My previous blog was about how Michael Livesley – a fan of Vivian Stanshall and The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band first staged his version of Vivian Stanshall’s radio/LP record/film of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End. “The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band started in … Continue reading

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In memory of Vivian Stanshall and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

I got an email from Michael Livesley. It said: “I just now came across your blog on The Alberts whilst researching their Evening of British Rubbish show.” “I am currently making a radio documentary about the career of Neil Innes. There is a promo … Continue reading

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Reactions to Phil Klein’s comments that comedians have no honesty or integrity

In my blog yesterday, I quoted comedian Phil Klein saying, among other things, that “the world of comedy is fucking boring… you pretend you’re mates with other comedians, when the truth is you are trying to get one over each other … Continue reading


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