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My blog post tragedy is still no excuse for posting this photograph from 1967

In today’s blog, I was going to post a Skype chat I had with someone in Germany. But I just listened to the recording of our conversation and he is inaudible.

It is because I do not normally use headphones but I did on this occasion because there was feedback or howl-round or whatever it’s called. Although it seemed OK at the time, the insertion of the headphones cut off my recording of his side of the conversation.

I think this is only the second time I have buggered up an interview.

The only similar experience I can remember was interviewing film producer David Puttnam about 25 years ago for the movie trade paper Screen International. For some unknown reason, the reel-to-reel tape machine did not record.

So I made up David Puttnam’s quotes from memory. Someone later told me that Puttnam had told a friend the printed interview was one of the best he had done: because he was not mis-quoted.

Sadly I cannot do that on this occasion because the chat involved vivid memories of detailed events.

So, in lieu of a blog, Here is a photo of me in 1967.

I have no excuse:



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