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A lesbian boat in Canada & cheese curds

Anna Smith in the Vancouver bookshop

Anna Smith – NOT in a Hallowe’en costume but dressed perfectly normally for a bookshop

More from laziness than anything else, rather than posting the blog I intended today (which involves transcribing a chat), I thought I would share an e-mail from this blog’s occasional Canadian correspondent Anna Smith.

It was sent yesterday – the morning after Hallowe’en.

Those who have read the last few day’s blogs will know that Anna is on her boat in Vancouver, recovering from an unfortunate encounter with a Doberman dog. Her e-mail says:

I slept till noon today, then hobbled over to the European lesbian boat. I used a broken broomstick as a cane since I have not made it up on the roof of the boat to get the crutches. 

I know that one of the young ladies calls Spain, but they were still asleep in their boat, The Javelin. They have zebra-patterned shawls as curtains now. 

The lesbians still have my stove.

I found a frozen coffee in my freezer and also a bag of frozen rotten cheese curds which I had been saving to trap rats. 

I taped the cheese curds to my knee to help the swelling subside, so I guess I am well underway into my zombie stripper costume.

I did once dance with a dislocated shoulder in the Kings Cross area of Sydney.

Yes, I was on drugs at the time.

ZombieStrippers_CLOSE_UPAnna used to be an exotic dancer.

I see this blog as partly giving an insight into other people’s interesting lives.

But I have very little explanation of any of the above.

Sometimes it is better to just print the bare outline and not ask for more detailed explanations.

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