Malcolm Hardee Award winning Fringe comedian Bob Slayer – too outrageous for Australia – banned from Adelaide

Bob Slayer - too hot to handle in Australia

British comedian Bob Slayer has been thrown out of the Adelaide Fringe and his show banned – having previously been thrown out of the Perth Fringe World festival and his show banned.

I was out all day yesterday and returned to a flurry of e-mails and Facebook messages asking me to remove the blog which I posted yesterday and which, in part, explained what the problem was. I have removed the blog, though it is still available to read online. It will be re-posted on my SO IT GOES site after the Adelaide Fringe has finished.

This new message appears on Bob’s own website today…


Australia – Goodbye

Yesterday I wrote a Blog that was a kind of catch all response to the people who don’t like what I do… To show how I only want to entertain in a unique and challenging way…

The blog was self obsessed, provocative and spun to get attention. It was intended to be about the weirdness of improvised freewheeling gigs, about unexpected outcomes and I passed it on as a gonzo review, an observation, on how people can perceive and respond differently to the same event…

It certainly was not a complaint… How could I possibly complain?
I am an irresponsible idiot and a drunk who aims to push and provoke at every opportunity in order to create mayhem, events and stories… My shows are regularly adversely (and often positively) effected by audience members and indeed myself – I encourage this because although the wheels can fall off it is also where some truly unique and wonderful experiences can be found. But it seems that my attempts at creative risk taking have taken too many of these risks with other peoples money…

Unfortunately other people have seen the blog as – a complaint about the folks involved. As bringing the fringe into disrepute. As the last straw in a line of issues that I have created over here that has broken the camel’s back. None of which it was ever meant to be and I really did not intend for this to cause anyone issues. Sorry.

My Adelaide Fringe shows at the Austral have now been cancelled and it seems that the only option left open to me is to go back to England to become a Tube Train Driver…


It is extraordinary that Bob Slayer – performing a show clearly entitled BOB SLAYER WILL OUT-DRINK AUSTRALIA and with the selling line NO RULES has apparently been too alternative for the Australian comedy industry to handle.

It is hardly as if he mis-promoted his show. This man traversed the Outback (as chronicled in my blogs) with a goat! And what he did in Adelaide is nothing which has not been done, seen and appreciated by audiences in Edinburgh and London. I saw him standing naked on stage, holding a small dart board, having real darts thrown at his groin, at the Edinburgh Fringe last August…!

The worst you could say about him is that he is getting predictable…

Oh no! Not the naked human dart board again!

It is as if the organisers of so-called “Fringe” festivals in Australia do not understand the meaning or the implications of the word ‘Fringe’.

If you want to see genuinely cutting-edge, unpredictable comedy – then go and see the Malcolm Hardee Award winning British comedian Bob Slayer.

But not in Australia.

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