Do British doctors actually understand female anatomy…?

My opinion of the Britain’s National Health Service, from experience, is that, like all large bureaucracies, it is an utter, incompetent mess.

But my opinion of doctors and nurses working within the NHS is one of sky high admiration.

My opinion of the GP (General Practitioner) level of the local NHS, though, is somewhat lower. And this has not been raised by my chum Ariane Sherine‘s recent experience.

She shared this – jaw-dropping but totally true – on Twitter this week…

(Ariane Sherine’s latest book is The How of Happy… The 51st way to be happy might be: “Don’t talk to your GP…”)


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3 responses to “Do British doctors actually understand female anatomy…?

  1. Andy

    Good grief! I knew… I knew.. “Orange is the new black” covered the issue with great humour some years ago.

  2. Lynn Bell

    He could be Labour P.M

  3. Peter Crossley

    I recently received a message, (from my local surgery), on my mobile informing me that it was time for a COPD check at my local surgery…and could I please bring a list of meds that my GP has prescribed me.

    1: This is my local surgery that has a database of my meds and is home to the doctor(s) who every month sign my repeat prescriptions.

    2: 3years ago I needed a full COPD assessment at my local teaching hospital which was postponed due, I believe, to the Covid epidemic, so fair enough…. However, repeated requests a year and a half later to reinstate the assessment have been ignored by my GP who needs to re-refer me.

    3: |I repeatedly went to this surgery between 2007 and 2014 complaining that there was something serriously wrong with my chest and throat and this same surgery, apart from ordering a chest x-ray which according to them showed no abnormalities, was repeatedly told there’s nothing wrong. In 2014 I was taken into hospital by emergency ambulance due to respiratory failure and it was discovered that I had:
    A: C.O.P.D
    B: A growth on my thyroid which was pressing on my trachea therefore slowly closing my air passage to my lungs. (I have since had a thyroidectomy and am now on permanent hormone replacement therapy.
    C: Bronchitis
    D: A prostate condition and lastly,
    E: Gallstones

    Jus’ sayin’…..

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